Jeremy Springman(PhD)

University of Pennsylvania

Citizens’ experiences and opinions about service delivery. A case of BRAC/Living goods CHP in Uganda. A total sample size was 1505 across 10 districts in Uganda

Professor Christopher F. Gelpi, and Iku Yoshimoto (PhD)

The Ohio State University

Aid Provision and Security Environment in Developing Countries. The case of Uganda. A qualitative study with the Ministry of finance and development partners

Megan Lang and Julia Seetha (PhD)

Jeremy Magruder

Harvard University

The Economics of Women Entrepreneurs: Experimental Evidence from Street Business School in Uganda, Sample size 6800

Aala Abdelgadir (PhD)

Stanford University

Investigating the determines of Constituency creation in Uganda. A study in collaboration with Uganda’s Electoral commission and The  NRM Political party

Sarah Adelman Associate professor

Mount Holyoke College.

When does displacement end: A follow up with LRA displaces in Kampala and Northern Regions of Uganda


  • Matrice360 is a professional and passionate team that holds itself to the highest standards. Mr. Olweny and his team are organized, transparent, and dedicated both to their clients and to their work. Their capacity to adapt to the challenges of field research and their creativity in finding solutions to problems has been invaluable to the success of my research agenda. I am truly grateful to have them as a long-term partner and I could not recommend their services more highly.

    Jeremy springman Roberts
    University of Pennsylvania
  • “Thank you for a great job and considerable devotion to our business. It’s rare to have a total team effort with such accomplished individuals as yourselves. You should be proud.”

    Kiranda Faisal
    Uganda National Council for Science and Technology
  • “A special shout out for bringing such value to the study – the speed and depth of analysis has made such an impact on the team in terms of pricing, package design and go-to-market strategies.”

    Pia Raffler
    Mount Holyoke College.