Our Core Services

As part of our commitment and obligation; we help our clients measure, manage, and interpret results – all to ensure data are reliable and appropriately used to assess and iteratively improve programming. Our services can broadly fall into these categories below;

Research and program/project evaluations

We design and implement a wide range of inclusive rigorous evaluations from randomized trials and observational epidemiological studies to data quality audits.

Our evaluations blend quantitative and qualitative in both experimental and non-experimental undertakings..

For intending project managers or NGO's, we are the right partners for your Monitoring and Evaluation needs, feel free to email of call us on the contacts below

Monitoring systems

We design and strengthen systems that track progress—systems that help staff improve implementation and help management with strategic planning or informing policy.

We believe that the data you collect should be lean and actionable – rather than comprehensive and burdensome.

Data collection, Data management and Analysis

We plan, collect analyze primary data for our clients. Our data collection platform strives on the state of the art technology with real-time data visualization.

We also support our clients in the data mining of secondary data from various sources as may be needed. We pride ourselves in honesty and fair costing./p>

Research advisory and clearing

Having operated in the Ugandan research environment for more than a decade, we have a wealth of experience in the where and how things can go wrong or the better direction to always take; because we believe in knowledge sharing, we therefore keep our doors open to advise for free researchers intending to run project in Uganda.

Because we know how hectic and frustrating it can be; for a minimum fee, we help in research clearance (Local IRBs, UNCST and president’s office) of intending studies.

What makes us a good company is what makes us a great company.